Now, in the flourishing mobile phone market, everywhere is full of innovation and vitality , whether it is the shape of colorful, bold or design novelty, are dizzying , confusing. However, in many cell phones , "SOYES" phone, but its unique design , distinctive personality and unique , impressive , attracting millions of people chasing this heady rapture of the brand, this is no accident chase because in this German brand , German design , Chinese OEM mobile phone who did have unusual features , and, behind this feature is a moving story full of fighting spirit and outstanding wisdom.

SOYES's cell phone was born from three years ago a group of German science and the crystallization of the wisdom of the elite, and at this time, coincides with SOYES brand is the founder of the German, although he has years of experience in mobile phone industry, has been beset by shenzhen electronics industry present situation, cannot be a breakthrough in their careers, in those days, huaqiang north was great, but not the global electronics manufacturing center, the world's largest electronic distribution center, or a huge mobile phone market. A few years later, huaqiang north electronic industry in transition, let the living world electronics manufacturing center of galleria faces huge challenges, many businessmen operating performance deteriorates quickly here, from now on, huaqiang north of the mobile phone market.

At that time, the founder SOYES witnessed the rise and decline of huaqiang north, glory and failure as if overnight, the huge gap from heaven to hell make SOYES founder was a huge shock, a sprawling and multifarious saw the mobile phone industry, he has achieved a great truth: although some price low in a particular period will be mobile phone, but because of the quality, innovation ability, in the end is just a flash in the pan, to truly in the mobile market breadth, it must be able to produce high quality mobile phone, he made up his mind to, to introduce advanced management experience for China mobile phone industry and the manufacturing process. So he decided to go out and made a special visit to Germany, the German is famous for its science and technology developed, earnest rigorous, he hopes to meet his friend in Germany and intimate partners, everything comes to him who waits, when he know German designer through friends introduction, one in shenzhen, China has a strong electronic manufacturing resources, has a superb German design idea, the German electronic technology,. Two people hit, hit it off and soon reached a consensus.

Finally, seven months later, it included the founder and the German team lots of sweat and effort of mobile phone was born, in honor of the German designer for outstanding contributions "SOYES" mobile phone, the phone was named "SOYES", and decided to "SOYES" brand will be "movement", "health" as the core concept of building products. Therefore, "SOYES" began its journey obtained. Since the childhood, from weak to strong, from scratch, until today, the steps of "SOYES" almost every corner around the world, for mobile phone users, the germans for scientific excellence is famous all over the world, Chinese diligence and wisdom, and is famous for the German brand, made in Germany means high quality, OEM in China, means that the high cost performance, coupled with the global creative SOYES, formed a irresistible power, try to ask, in the world, and there are high quality, which can resist the impact of the strange ideas? No, absolutely not.

This is SOYES mobile phone, it keenly capture the consumer's psychology, all products are sports and health as the core, make numerous customers to experience the unique enjoyment, in constant innovation and breakthrough, this German brand, German design, China foundry SOYES phones will health and sports two elements play the incisively and vividly, also made "SOYES" battlefield! In this fast-changing mobile phone industry, "SOYES" mobile phone is always with their own uniqueness standing firmly, no matter how the market surge, "SOYES" mobile phone has since won't give. Heaven, "SOYES" mobile phone, machine dare to match?  

Looking forward to the future, this German brand, German design, China foundry SOYES mobile phones are at the speed of rapid development, is gradually transition to the smart hardware, we look forward to, a new generation of SOYES smartphone out soon! 


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